The Mark of Motish

 An Elemental Diaries prequel novella

Bearing the mark of the Goddess of Death is no easy feat.

Malyi is content living her simple life in a hut with her parents. She’s a sweet, innocent young woman who believes she’s found true love. That is until she’s torn away from her family and home when she’s forced to offer herself in exchange for her parents’ livelihoods.

Khadji is Gwon’s new ruler. It is said he is cruel and merciless, and it’s now Malyi’s responsibility to bear him an heir. When she’s unsuccessful in her duty, Khadji marks her with the symbol of the Goddess of Death. Tossed aside, she must learn to fend for herself and use her new mark to her own advantage.

Find out what the gods have in store for Malyi in this Elemental Diaries short side story.

 *This title can be read on its own and is also available as a gift to the my newsletter subscribers.