Book 3 of The Elemental Diaries

An earth elemental destined to stop the darkness Aquila’s king has summoned finds his own twisted sense of morality could put the entire realm in jeopardy.

When Terra is attacked by the King of Aquila and his army of possessed soldiers, Sepheus Lequerc—the man who was raised by Terra’s infamous torturer—is forced to work with the other elementals in order to save their realm from death and destruction. But first, he’ll have to deal with his own inner demons.

To make matters worse, a gate to the underworld where malicious spirits are doomed to dwell has been opened. Vicious creatures are getting through, and the earth is starting to die. Sepheus and the others must seek out the fourth elemental and convince her to join them before their realm is destroyed, but they soon discover she may not be so easy to find. If they can’t get to her soon, there will be no coming back from the damage left behind.

Can Sepheus find it within himself to do what’s right before their world is transformed into a hell no mortal can survive?