Book 2 of The Elemental Diaries

Water can be a deadly weapon…

…especially when it’s wielded with magic!

The second installment of The Elemental Diaries series follows the story of the water elemental, Chelela Lacrima.

Chelela discovers she can breathe underwater and seeks out answers from the sorceress, Sreda. With Sreda’s help, she learns she can also manipulate any form of liquid. She keeps this secret from almost everyone—even the one she’s falling for.

The King of Aquila is a greedy ruler. That greed may begin the destruction of the whole realm of Sarantoa. Chelela believes she’s the one who must stop the corrupt king, but she meets obstacles at every turn and ends up on the foreign island, Gwon.

Will Chelela make it back in time to thwart the king? And can she save the man who’s stolen her heart from the king’s malicious schemes?

Fans who love books like Frostblood will enjoy this dark young adult fantasy with a splash of romance.