The Elemantal Diaries

Four Elementals, pitted against the worst villain their realm has ever seen…

The God of Darkness is about to bring his world of horror and misery to all four kingdoms of Sarantoa. The Goddess of Light has gifted elemental power to four promising mortals in hope of stopping him. But can they learn to wield their magic and find each other in time to stop the destruction of the world they know?
The Elementals will face many obstacles in order to become worthy heroes capable of saving the ones they love from a fate reserved only for wretched souls. From overcoming the darkness in their own hearts to giving up the throne to fulfill another destiny, each Elemental will have to conquer their weaknesses. The cost of failure is worse than death…

Book 1. Zephyra
Book 2. Chelela
Book 3. Sepheus
Book 4. Auralina
The Elemental Diaries Box Set
Prequel. The Mark of Motish

His Mortal Demoness

A dark paranormal romance set in the Victorian era.