Shatter Heart

A His Mortal Demoness Prequel

The Queen of Demons never knew she could love. Maybe it would’ve been better if she didn’t have a heart to begin with.

Someone in the mortal realm has been vanquishing demons. As ruler of the underworld, Tartara needs to find out who it is and how they are possibly killing creatures that are immortal. But when she disguises herself as the kind and innocent Lady Sarah Cinder, she finds herself deeper in trouble than she ever imagined. Now, the demon queen will have to deal with matters of the heart. Something she could never have prepared for.

Lord Theodore Lovell has been hunting demons ever since he discovered one was responsible for his wife’s death. He’s had success ever since a powerful god had his servant angels enchant a weapon for him. Lord Lovell believes this is the way to make life safer for his daughter. That is until he meets the lovely Lady Cinder. Now, he wonders if having another woman around the house would do both him and his little girl good. But is Lady Cinder really the woman he thinks she is?

In this prequel novella to the His Mortal Demoness series, find out what happens when a demon queen and a demon hunter’s hearts intertwine in a dark regency paranormal tale.

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