Tatter Fall

Book 1 of His Mortal Demoness.

She’s a half-mortal demoness. He’s a fallen angel. Their love was doomed from the start.

Vivika is bored of torturing condemned souls. She’s always wanted to learn about her mortal father’s side of the family, but her mother—the demon queen of the underworld—refuses to give her any information about him. When Vivika discovers she only has one living mortal relative left, she defies the queen, putting both her fellow demons and her own heart at risk.

Elias has just lost his wings. He can earn them back, but only if he can make two mortals fall in love without the use of his powers. The fallen angel mistakenly expects it to be an easy task… until he crosses paths with the radiant Vivika. Little does he know, she’s about to make his existence so much more complicated.

Can Elias resist the demoness’s temptations? Or will he risk winning his wings back to sate his own desire?

Please note this is a slow burn romance book that contains mature themes and is intended for adult readers.