The final His Mortal Demoness book is out Jan 8th, 2021.

Five wicked souls have been stolen from the underworld. If they aren’t returned, every realm will crumble.

Vivivka’s worst fear has come true. She’s lost Elias to the darkness. She’s made peace with it, but when an angel steals five souls from the underworld, Vivika’s forced to work with him in order to return the souls. If they fail, their dark realm will fall apart, taking everyone with it.

Elias has no room in his heart left for love. But everything is about to change. His new abilities as a fallen angel make him the only one who can help Vivika collect the missing souls, but the goddess who created Elias wants revenge, and she’s about to get her wish.

Now, Vivika must decide whether she needs to save the underworld first or find a way to rescue the fallen angel she can’t turn her back on no matter how hard she tries. Can Vivika and Elias bring the souls back to the underworld before the realm turns to dust? And will their hearts find their way back to each other?

Find out in the final book of the His Mortal Demoness series.

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Four Elementals, pitted against the worst villain their realm has ever seen…

The God of Darkness is about to bring his world of horror and misery to all four kingdoms of Sarantoa.

The Goddess of Light has gifted elemental power to four promising mortals in hope of stopping him. But can they learn to wield their magic and find each other in time to stop the destruction of the world they know?

The Elementals will face many obstacles in order to become worthy heroes capable of saving the ones they love from a fate reserved only for wretched souls. From overcoming the darkness in their own hearts to giving up the throne to fulfill another destiny, each Elemental will have to conquer their weaknesses. The cost of failure is worse than death…

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